Natural Walking Horses

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15-03-2017 Denmark Supporter
Anette Clausen [ ]

07-02-2017 Germany Owner Supporter
Harald Müller [ ]

08-11-2016 United States Owner Supporter
Christina Flyntz

I own a 20 year old registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare and want (and need) to learn more about the best way to ride her to encourage her natural talent for gait.

15-10-2016 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Rebecca Derr [ ]

04-04-2016 Germany Owner Supporter
Mascha Krings [ ]

Seems to me the right place to quit this brutal horse abuse in the USA and to show the beautiful natural side of the Tennessee Walking Horse. 

04-04-2016 Germany Owner Supporter
Jessica Gehrmann [ ] [ ]

Dies ist der richtige Ort um die Twh's zu unterstützen und etwas dazu beizutragen, dass diese schrecklichen Misshandlungen in den USA verboten werden.


21-01-2016 Germany Supporter

26-12-2015 United States Supporter
J Neverla [ ]

16-12-2015 United States Owner Supporter
Gail Pennington [ ]

27-11-2015 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Brian Smith

26-11-2015 United States Supporter
Felecia [ ]

I STRONGLY support the ethical/respectful/compassionate/educated as much as possible treatment and legislation to support that treatment of ALL of God's wonderful creatures of the earth, sky, and waters! I had the great pleasure and privilege of "owning" a Tennessee Walker as a teen. His name was Storm. He was a WONDERFUL horse.

15-11-2015 Germany Trainer Owner Supporter
Petra Welter [ ]

We need to stop the Abuse and cruelty towards Walking Horses!

22-06-2015 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Miriam D

14-03-2015 United States Owner Supporter
Helen Roberts-Niemi [ ]

Proud owner of six beautiful barefooted TWH's!

25-09-2014 Germany Supporter
Stefanie Herbst-Häberlen


ich teile ihre meinung und unterstütze ihre webseite gerne, aber es ist traurig das man  so eine webseite publick machen  muss , nur weil der mensch immer denkt er muss  sich damit zur show stellen und nicht das pferd....

grüsse  von stefanie

25-09-2014 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Trish Lee [ ] [ Ketcham Up Stabes @FB ]

I have owned, bred, trained TWH horses since 1970.  Always love and appreciate the Natural Walking Horse.

06-09-2014 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Kimberly Welsh [ ]

I have worked with the USDA Inn Washington to break the many years of a few bringing sore horses to the Springfield, Illinois State Fair.   Also turned them onto a show in Iowa.   I'm very proud to be a voice for these horses.  Also rescued a few ex-padded horses from TN.  I will do WHATEVER it takes. 

23-03-2014 United States Owner Supporter
Ellen & Tom Wright [ ]

Totally barefoot here!

25-01-2014 Germany Owner Supporter
Körkel Wolfgang [ ]

16-12-2013 United States Owner Supporter
Cherryl Vierke [ ]

27-10-2013 Germany Owner Supporter
Christine Wagner [ ] [ ]

13-09-2013 Denmark Supporter
Annika Schönebeck

09-09-2013 Germany Owner Supporter
Karin Heindl

06-07-2013 United States Owner Supporter
Debby Fulks [ ]

02-07-2013 Germany Owner Supporter
Claudia Hein

27-06-2013 United States Supporter
Erica Murphy

Please stop the cruelty to these poor horses....its so sad to watch them with such unnatural pads and chains. Ive also heard they put stuff on their legs that makes them in horrific pain. Its so sad.

10-06-2013 Denmark Supporter
Angelina Otakari [ ]

This must be stopped,this is cruelty beyond anything ive ever seen :(

03-05-2013 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
suzi clark [ ]

I have been involved with Tennessee Walking Horse industry for 20 years. I have witnessed the abuse first hand and made it a life goal I would fight for these horses until soring does not exist anymore.

03-05-2013 United States Owner Supporter
Holly Albrecht

03-05-2013 United States Owner Supporter
Rick Trabal [ ]

03-05-2013 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Trish Lee [ ]

Stop the soring.........

26-03-2013 France Breeder Owner Supporter
Flament Dora

22-10-2012 Germany Owner Supporter
Theresia Falke [ ]

30-09-2012 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Stefanie Ströhmann [ ] [ ]

31-07-2012 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter

Welcome to the fight!!!

You are all soooo great to take interest in our fight to end Abuse, Sporing and corruption within our wonderful breed

 Thank you so much 

31-07-2012 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Shari Moers [ ]

I wholehearted support natural walking horse practices. I have owned a natural walking horse for over 12yrs.

03-07-2012 Germany Supporter
Mathias Rüter

TWHs without »high heels«, without padding, without soring, with as few incisive restrictions as possible. Right on!

06-06-2012 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
William Scott

30-05-2012 United States Owner Supporter
Karla Trimble [ ]

02-03-2012 Germany Owner Supporter
Themel Heike

Es gibt nichts schlimmeres als treue Gefährten so zu quälen !!!

02-01-2012 United States Breeder Owner Supporter

02-01-2012 United States Owner Supporter
Joe Proulx

I have a 10 year old TWH that seems to want to pace more than the four beat running walk. I am looking to learn how to work with him on developing his running walk. I have worked with a few farriers but have not been completely satisfied with the results. 

I have found this site with the hopes that I can get information about training my TWH. I live in an area that has few TWH's so local info has been difficult to obtain.

21-12-2011 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Steve Whitmer [ ] [ ]

21-12-2011 United States Supporter
Laura Mirick [ ]

This is a GREAT cause, one that I fully appreciate and support. Thank you for creating this wonderful site.

26-11-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Renee Hanson [ ] [ ]

27-10-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Kathy Chambliss [ ] [ facebook ]

just got my first walking horse and I am in love with him

26-09-2011 Owner
Jana Roy [ ]

25-08-2011 Germany Owner Supporter
Nina Jordan [ ]

06-08-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Michelle Kortas [ ]

In my opinion the Tennessee Walking Horse Asc should not allow thick pads at all!  Paso Fino's, Rockies, Peruvian Paso's are shown naturally!  Why can't we start having shows for Walkers that don't allow BIG LICK horses?  I live In Southern Illinois, We do not have many horse shows but if someone had the money to build a show arena around here and start hosting Natural Gaited Horse shows..  We just might be able to shift people's mindset...One show at a time!

26-07-2011 Austria Supporter
mediabuy [ ] [ ]

12-07-2011 Germany Supporter
Britta Neigel [ ]


Ich finde es toll, wie ihr euch für eure Pferde einsetzt! Viel Spaß und Erfolg noch bei euren Events.


Lieben Gruß



11-07-2011 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Lisa Morris [ ]

Tennessee walking horses gait well with a correct natural trim.

26-06-2011 Germany Supporter
Barwanietz Traute

Durch Zufall habe ich ein Foto gesehen auf dem ein Tennessee Walker mit diesen -High heels- herumgestakst ist und habe eine befreundete Walker Züchterin gefragt, was das ist, sie erklärte mir mit welch Qualen diese armen Kreaturen von Fohlen auf, dazu abgerichtet werden für Shows und Geld die Beine zu werfen...

Diese Walker Züchterin machte mich auf diese Homepage hier aufmerksam, und ich finde es gut, das man hier zeigt das der Walker kein Spielzeug für menschliche Machenschaften ist, sondern einfach nur ein wunderbarer 4 beiniger Partner, den man schätzen sollte und nicht quälen!!!

..was allerdings natürlich auch für alle anderen Geschöpfe dieser Welt gilt!

21-06-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Bert Wright [ ]

18-06-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Gladys Brierley [ ] [ ]

HI I own 7 gaited horses, one full bred Tennessee Walker stud and the rest 3/4 to almost full bred.  I love my horses as babies they are part of my family.  The two  oldest are 10 years old, and I have two brand new babies.

20-05-2011 Germany Owner Supporter
Andrea Höfelmeyer [ ]


Kennt jemand eine Trainerin im Raum Bremen??

LG Andrea

03-02-2011 Denmark Supporter
Sidse Salling Bro [ ]

25-01-2011 United States Owner Supporter
Darren and Lorrie Baxter [ ] [ ]

we have last year purchased our first walking horse she is now a 3 1/2 year old we love her natural walking gait which she even does in her own enclosure she is such a joy and we think the natural gait is so much more apealing than the extreme gaits we have seen since we started studying the breed after we got shadow she is a black and white spotted with one blue eye  and she has the grey lines around her spots i believe a friend of ours told us it was called agrigated? we are so in love with this breed of horse but do agree whole heartedly the natural gait is best :)

21-01-2011 Supporter
Katherine Lancaster

The practice of 'soring' is deplorable. As trainers and riders of these horses, we owe it to put our vanity aside and appreciate the wonderful gift bestowed by watching these lovely horses flourish naturally. Horses submit to human companionship with grace, we should correspond by not abusing our position. Participation in show events can be enjoyed, and aspirations met, without resorting to cruelty or violence. Let's put a stop to these vile practices.

08-10-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Tamara Crull [ ]

01-10-2010 United States Supporter
Catherine Yacobozzi [ ]

I use to have and ride these beautiful horses! The only thing that really hurt me and that I hated was the way that a lot of people hurt the horses with the cruel ways that they would do things to them and their hooves just to make them get a better or more higher gait out of them! This was many years ago and I can only pray that this cruelty does not exist anymore because I am older now & if I knew or saw it being done now,I would have to seek help because such treatment should certainly be against the law! This is such a beautiful & spirited breed of horse and they are truly such an art form in motion to even watch! 

28-09-2010 United States Supporter

There is nothing more disgusting than watching a disfigured horse being made to gait in an unnatural way. There is far more beauty in watching a pain free horse freely gait in the manner in which they were born to do.

07-09-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Edna Leigh Libby [ ] [ ]

28-08-2010 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Joyce Bailey [ ]

19-08-2010 Denmark Supporter
inge gylling [ ]

10-08-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Nicki Vartanian [ ]

10-08-2010 United States Owner Supporter
barbara beley taber [ ]

GREAT work! I look forward to learning more about this beautiful animal in Denmark.



Yucaipa, CA [southern], USA

Mom of TWHs -- The Gait Gatsby, Bentley, and The Little Rascal

10-08-2010 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
veronica nulph [ none ]

        i to belive in leaving the breed to do its natural gait.  that is what they were breed for .  i have never condoned all  the things done to them to achive the extreme gaites that you seein the show ring.i can't see why people insist on this .

10-08-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Lisa Munks [ ]

10-08-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Jan Fourre [ ]

I am new to these sights and bought my first TWH gelding and just getting started.  I could use info and thoughts through my training, he is 2yr geld.  Small and old fashioned.  I do like the natural approach in gaited breed and not altering their footwork or body parts to get unnatural results. 

15-07-2010 United States Supporter
Lyana Votey

07-07-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Lisa Bialy [ ] [ ]

I have two beautiful Tennessee Walkers, a 4-year old mare we bought as a yearling and raised and trained, and her 4 month old filly we bred and will raise and train to incorporate into our riding program.  We trail ride, do parades and performance, and a little bit of dressage and jumping.  Our girls have the old foundation bloodlines such as Midnight Sun, Ebony Masterpiece and Parader's Black Dust, with a bit of color added from horses like Paint the Town and Spirit of Evil Knievel.  They always have and always will be 100% natural.

28-05-2010 Belgium Supporter
Sonja Derbee [ ]

IK werk op en natural walking horse farm en vind et heel toff de paarden natuurlijk te laaten walken!

27-05-2010 Germany Supporter
Pia Sakip

I am just learning a lot about Natural Walking Horses.

Support your work! 

25-05-2010 Denmark Supporter
Danish Tennessee Walking Horse Association [ ] [ ]

As the Danish Tennessee Walking Horse Association, we fully support the Natural Walking Horses and it's purpose, and we will recommand others to do so, as well.

On behalf of DTWHA

24-05-2010 Denmark
Stald Plus [ ] [ ]

22-05-2010 Denmark Supporter
Michelle jensen [ ]

any altering of the horses natural hoof n movement is cruelty

12-05-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Kevin Scott Hall [ ]

12-05-2010 United States Supporter
john [ ]

Looking for a trail gelding.  Will pay the price for a good one.

12-05-2010 United States Supporter
Rob Miller [ ] [ ]

12-05-2010 United States Owner Supporter

I have five natural gaited tenn walkers. I am always promoting the natural gaited horse.

12-05-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Hilda Keller Park [ ]

I completely support organizations such as this one. I don't think that horses like TWH's should be abused so their owner's can win a trophy. Historically, TWH's were all around farm horses, NOT lame high steppers who live their lives in pain. I love my paint TWH , who is barefoot! We will soon be doing competitive trail challenges and I expect we will do very well. I am moving to the Nashville area in a few months and hope to meet lots of horse people that feel the same way about their horses.

12-05-2010 United States Supporter
Walter Price [ ] [ n/a ]

A few days ago, I discovered that some relatives who recently moved to  Tennessee for business purposes are lilving in Shelbyville which is considered the Mecca of Walking Horses aficionadoes. I happen to have ridden a Tennessee Walker some decades ago. I have yet to even see a Tennessee Walker here on Long Island. Cheers!

12-05-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Wendy [ ]

20-04-2010 United States Owner Supporter
lisa Bauer [ ]

01-04-2010 Germany Owner Supporter
Florian K

16-03-2010 United States Owner Supporter
Brian Williams [ ]

16-03-2010 United States Supporter
Jim Metcalf

16-03-2010 United States Owner Supporter
LaVonne Cable

16-03-2010 United States Owner Supporter
lea schmitt

16-03-2010 Canada Breeder Owner Supporter
Roberta Brebner [ ] [ tsuniahstablesI support ]

I support support and raise natural walking horses.

29-12-2009 Denmark Supporter
Mille Kromann

27-12-2009 Germany Owner Supporter
Diana Clef


I have just bought my first Tennesee Walking Horse, the 15-year-old gelding Colonel Sanders from Maryan Zyderveld. He is multi-gaited, doing the walk, flat walk, running walk, trot, rack and canter all with regular shoes. I look very much forward to learning a lot from this talented horse, with the help of Walking horse trainer and breeder Martin Wingenfeld, and want to give him a good home for the rest of his life.

Kind regards,


16-12-2009 United States Supporter
Rose Miller [ ] [ ]

Have supported the natural and happy Tennessee Walking Horse since 1979, and have written a book about my experiences: The Horse That Wouldn't Trot.

03-12-2009 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Lindsey Payette [ ]

29-11-2009 United States Supporter
Tom & Christine Firnstahl [ ]

We would consider a couple of walking horses. We are retired and have had many horses over the years.

29-11-2009 Germany Supporter
Sarunia Groh

10-11-2009 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Dockery Stables [ ] [ ]

We have been promoting and in support of the sound, 100% natural Tennessee Walking Horse for over 20 yrs.!

24-10-2009 United States Supporter
Cheryl Malone [ ]

God bless your hard work and all of your efforts on behalf of these wonderful horses.

17-10-2009 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Don & Jo-Anne McDonald

We support your goals 100%.

17-10-2009 Germany Supporter

10-09-2009 United States Supporter
Stacey Campbell [ ]

21-08-2009 Germany Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Andreas Hentzschel [ ] [ ]

Seit 15 Jahren haben wir nun unsere kleine Walker Herde. Unser Hengst ist auch für American Racking Horses registriert, d.h. daß auch z.B. Töltende Traber volle Papiere bekommen können. Gang- und Westernpferdeausbildung durch EWU Trainer. Jederzeit sind bei uns interressierte Leute herzlich willkommen, diese tolle Rasse kennenzulernen!

07-08-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Julie Morgan

02-08-2009 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Michael Stephens [ ] [ ]

18-07-2009 Germany Owner Supporter

05-07-2009 Israël Breeder Owner Supporter
Yossi Lidsky [ ] [ ]

17-06-2009 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Carola Engelhard [ ] [ ]

11-06-2009 England Supporter
Rachel Foot [ ]

Dear all

I am delighted to find so many like-minded fans in Europe - up until now I thought the concentration of interest was around the US.  Here in England, apart from the beautiful Icelandics and Paso Finos, we seem to have a lack of gaited horses, but I would LOVE to hear from anyone in the UK to prove me wrong!  For many years I have been a fan of the Tennesse Walking Horse and the Peruvian Paso, but have never been lucky enough to see one in the flesh!

17-05-2009 Belgium Supporter
le Sage H [ ]

09-05-2009 Germany Owner Supporter
Junk Andreas & Rosi [ ] [ in Bearbeitung ]

wir besitzen 3 Tennesseewalker

unsere beiden Stuten sollen im kommenden Jahr gedeckt werden

09-05-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Desiree Dorsey [ ]

I have supported all natural walkers for the last 18 years. what happens in the industry today is horrid. This big lick gait is not pretty its disgusting. Want true beauty of gait watch a barefoot walker in a field that is true beauty

09-05-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Angela Valley

09-05-2009 United States Supporter
Mike Jackson [ ]

09-05-2009 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Roger & Judy Hand [ ]

We gladly support your efforts to promote the naturally gaited Walking Horse. Keep up the good work.
Walking naturally and loving it!
Roger & Judy Hand
Blue Moon Farm

09-05-2009 Denmark Supporter
Julie Hoffmann

I support Natural walking horse becouse it makes me angry to se people hurting theese beautiful animals. there is not so much I can do here in Denmark but support this website.

09-05-2009 United States Supporter
Beth Cain [ ] [ ]

I am the author of the blog Horse Show Underworld, where my goal is to expose as much as the scummy, dirty, slimy training that goes on in most of todays horse shows.

09-05-2009 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Kathy Zeis

02-05-2009 Germany Owner Supporter
Schultheis [ ]

27-04-2009 Germany Owner Supporter
Junk Andreas & Rosi [ ]

Wir besitzen 2 Tennessee Stuten und 1 Wallach.

Die beiden Stuten wollen wir im folgenden Jahr decken lassen.

24-04-2009 Belgium Owner Supporter
Conny Crum [ ]

23-04-2009 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Stacey Campbell [ ] [ ]

18-04-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Terri Gomez

18-04-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Kenneth Mullins

     I am new to the Tennessee Walking Horse breed (as an owner). I've been into quarterhorses for years but due to a spinal condition I have looked toward the gaited horses. I am sure this is a very often heard tail. I have, however, for years seen what even my untrained eye could tell was an unnatural and unhealthy movement that some people have forced upon their horses. Having been around horses in general, I had heard talk of some of the "training methods" (torture if you ask me) to obtain this. I would also like to say I think this grossly exagerated gait is unsightly to boot. I always figured it a testament to the willingness and gentle nature of this breed that it would even submit to this treatment without blowing up in training, trail, or show at the first chance it found. I had heard the breed was easy to handle and a pleasure to own. I am soon to find out for myself as I have just purchased a four year old mare. So far she has lived up to everything I have heard. So here I am, looking for as much exposure to people that know the breed and use common sense and compassion in training and working their horses.

17-04-2009 United States Supporter
Jennifer Wright [ ]

I'm the 1990 TWHB&EA Youth Supreme Versatility Champion. It is so great to see the natural TWH is catching on in Europe! Please keep a good thing going. . . naturally!

 Today I am specializing in Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and Rocky Mountain horses. But I love all the gaited horses, and still support the sound, natural TWH!

16-04-2009 Supporter
Gary Lane [ ] [ ]

06-04-2009 Owner Supporter
Diana [ ]

25-03-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Melissa [ ]

I have had horses all of my life BUT just got my first TWH in December.  She is a great horse, sweet and well mannered, I just need to learn how to "ride" her.  I know nothing about gaited horses.  I'm looking forward to becoming a member of this forum! 

19-03-2009 Denmark Supporter
Gitte-Merete Petersen

21-02-2009 Germany Owner Supporter
Sabine Hämmerlin-Szrama [ ]

21-02-2009 Denmark Supporter
Camilla Bille [ ]

21-02-2009 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Jwalker [ ] [ ]

We have eight horses all gaited except our three minis. I have been involved with gaited horses since the mid 1960s. We do not show horses just trail ride and camp. We also have a bording facility.

21-02-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Ava McAbee [ None ]


I support your stand on the humane treatement of the TWH.

After years of riding the trot I have recently purchased a beautiful

TWH mare who is naturally shod and can do the running walk really

well without pads, etc.

I am after many years...Riding the Glide!



Ava M McAbee

21-02-2009 Germany Supporter
Gisbert Prey [ ]

21-02-2009 United States Owner Supporter
Shannon Polinder [ ] [ natural walking horse ]

16-02-2009 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Ulrike Schuster [ ]

12-02-2009 United States Breeder Owner
Debra K Racheter [ ]

Crest Ridge Saddlery prides itself in the ethical, humane treatment of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed to walk naturally and never incumbered with artifical aids.


08-02-2009 Denmark Supporter
Katrine Plougmann [ ]

07-02-2009 Germany Supporter
Heike Thoma-Mayer [ ]

05-02-2009 Denmark Owner Supporter
lisbeth jarnved

I love natural walking horses and natural peopel !

03-02-2009 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Diane Hawkins


02-02-2009 Denmark Supporter
Michael Thranholm Rytter Nysom [ ] [ ]

01-02-2009 Denmark Supporter

27-01-2009 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Katharina [ ] [ ]

We want natural Walking Horses.... nothing else

23-12-2008 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Nicole Hirsekorn - Star Walkers [ ] [ ]

We have always and will continue to own, breed, train, and show only naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horses. All our horses are either barefoot or plain shod and they still walk without gimmicks or soring.

08-12-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Trish Lee [ ]

We need to concentrate on breeding to natural gaited horses.  Not trotty or pacey horses, but true loose walking horses.

02-12-2008 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
jwalker [ ] [ ]

08-10-2008 Netherlands Supporter
Sandra Jonkman [ ] [ ]

Ik heb IJslanders en 1 singlefooter, wiens vader een halve TWH is ;-) Ik heb een paar maal op een gereden en vindt ze erg leuk! Ik heb hier nu een veulen staan van een IJslander waarvan ik vermoed dat de vader een TWH is. (helaas onbekend)

05-10-2008 Germany Supporter
Susanne Nassler [ ]

02-10-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Carole Iverson [ ] [ ]

I would like to thank you for stepping up in support of the Natural Tennessee Walking Horse.  It's time to end the abuse!  The more natural the better.  My TWHs are barefoot and bitless (Dr. Cook BitlessBridle)

25-09-2008 United States Owner Supporter

23-09-2008 France Supporter
klem [ ]



22-09-2008 Denmark Supporter
Camilla Rasmussen [ ]

22-09-2008 Denmark Supporter
Laura [ ]

it's not FAIR!!!

22-09-2008 Denmark Supporter

22-09-2008 Denmark Supporter
Jannie Vinther Nissen [ ]

22-09-2008 France Supporter
SENEQUE Emilie [ ]

22-09-2008 France Supporter
foltzer [ ]

22-09-2008 United States Owner Supporter

Im in love with this breed, and would like to see more people take interest in this versatile horse.

22-09-2008 United States Supporter
Mike JACKSON [ ]

22-09-2008 United States Owner
Vikki Gavin [ ] [ ]

We are purchasing our first TWH/pinto/filly and looking forward to a forever life with our gal. Enjoyed all the info so i can educated my 9 yr old daughter. 

30-08-2008 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Franne Brandon, Pinefolly Farms [ ] [ ]

Tennessee Walking Horses were developed in my home state to be smooth, intelligent, all around using horses gifted with a natural running walk gait. I support all efforts to preserve these traits in Europe as well as at home.

28-08-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Stephanie Cantrell [ ]

The time for the SORE Walking Horse must come to an end! There is no reason, rationale, or excuse for abuse of the TWH. Horses were meant to have natural, sound, sane training, showing and use.

What has become of the Tennessee Walking Horse in Tennessee is a warped and twisted mutation of this wonderful breed.

TWHBEA has dug themselves a hole financially and lined each other's pockets for too long!  A registration should be nothing more than a record-keeping organization. There is no excuse for indiscriminate wastage of members' funds through these years.


28-08-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Martha Clausen [ ]

Oh yes...I so support the natural walking horse!  Sadie has only had light protective shoes on, or her natural hooves.  No artifical aids for any horse!


28-08-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter

I am in complete, 100% agreement with this statement.  I wouldn't change a thing...ever!

27-08-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Shellie Pacovsky [ ] [ ]

These horses are great when they are natural as the day they were born!!

27-08-2008 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Joyce Sport [ ]

26-08-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Martin Bare [ ] [ ]

3 Walkers, all natural , love them all!

04-08-2008 United States Owner Supporter
chris cashman

please send any info regarding training in my area of Horse Shoe, NC


31-07-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Debbi Nelson [ ]

I think the natural walking horse is awesome! I am so glad I found this site, sign me up I share your opinion!

07-07-2008 Germany Owner Supporter
Thomas Vester [ ] [ ]

Hi there....
I heard from your organisation through ETWHA, the German assosiation for Walking Horses. End of June I joined a clinic at Gaited Horse Ranch in Belgium and It was really good to see there are more people who are treating there horses the natuaral way. I by myself own several Walking Horses and I enjoy them very much. They are all barefooted and I must say that this is the best way to have your horse walking. I appreciate that NWH as well as ETHWA is absolutely against the so called turn backs as well as they are against any of those crazy show paddings. I do some trail riding but I never use horse shoes. The only protection for myx horses hoofs are EasyBoots. I believe that is the best I can do to protect them and have them naturaly walking. Okay. There is so much more to tell about the horses and the way we as humans should treat them right that this would blow up my space here. Anyway good luck to NWH and their way of keeping the walking horse walking naturaly.

05-07-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Walkin On Ranch of Cookeville, TN [ ] [ ]

Thank you Sandra; for allowing us to add our support to your efforts across the pond.

If in any way we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call on us

 The Jackson's

01-07-2008 France Owner Supporter
Dorine Berendsen-Schut

30-06-2008 Austria Owner Supporter
Gerhard Lein [ ]

23-06-2008 Supporter
grenez [ ]

23-06-2008 France Supporter

22-06-2008 France Supporter
Elena [ ]

No comment.

21-06-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Debbie Drainer [ ]

11-06-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Rachel Bean [ ]

Naturally beautiful, the way they were intended to be. The best companion ever! I know have three and love them all.

01-06-2008 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Mary Ann Kennedy [ ]

hi..i just learned of your site. i am a parelli level 3 student and an avid supporter also of sound natural gaited horses..WALKERS ! i wanted to let you know that my new 3rd cd will be released in june on it is called Tennessee...i know you will love it. i support FOSH and Humane Society of the US also in their fight for soundness is so bad right here in Tennessee
you can find my cd's on my website..Parellis also carry it

30-05-2008 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Shawna Bloom [ ]

We just purchased our first 2 Tennessee Walking Horses. We already had several Spotted Saddle Horses and Peruvian Pasos but just recently became avid TWH lovers!  We purchased an 8 year old stallion named Power's Touch Of Power, a black and white tobiano from Mississippi and a 3 year old cremello tobiano named Apollo's Miss America.  We can't wait to start riding them and want to meet other TWH owners in our area. We are in southern California.

28-05-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Tracy Caswell [ ]

We are dedicated in providing well mannered, smooth gaited walkers for show and pleasure.  All of our horses are treated with the respect this great breed deserves.

05-05-2008 United States Supporter
kiersten watkins

Thank you so much for this organization. My five "natural" TWH thank you. !!

29-04-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Sonya Evans [ ]

Thank you for understanding the beautiful gift that God has given us.  To see them roam in nature as free as they can be can only do good for them.

26-04-2008 Germany Owner Supporter
Regina Grimm [ ] [ ]

Wer braucht schon Bleihufeisen?!

20-04-2008 Denmark Owner Supporter
Maja Sundahl

07-04-2008 Denmark Supporter

06-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Elisabeth [ ]

Good point.

06-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Rikke R

06-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
nicole niemeyer [ ]

06-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Nanna Caroc

05-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Maja [ ]

05-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Pernille Kristensen

05-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
louise stage

05-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Anne Frank vom Braucke

05-04-2008 Denmark Supporter
Amalie Graversen [ ]

03-04-2008 Germany Owner Supporter
Susanne Geier [ ] [ ]

11-03-2008 United States Supporter
Dawn Perry

I studying to be a veterinary technician and have worked with animals all my life, including owning two horses.  In one of my classes, an ethics class, the issue of soring and saddleseat training methods came up and I was sad to learn that many barbaric training practices continue. 

My first horse was a Morab and I boarded him at an Arabian training barn where I witnessed first hand many acts of cruelty they called "training".  Those horses were all scared to death, and when I rode them I felt like I was stitting on a keg of dynamite.  It was one of the more horrible riding experiences I've had, and left me with a permanent distaste of the "saddleseat" tradition.  

I rode my horse Western and English (did some jumping) but he really excelled at Dressage.  I've seen many Saddlebreds and Tennesee Walkers and Morgan excell in Dressage and other non-Saddleseat disciplines I hope to see more of that in the future, because they are such athletic animals.

The more I learn medically, the more I realize that many breeders, owners, and trainers are willingly ignorant to the pain and suffering they are causing the animals they claim to love.  I was very glad to come across your sight, because I once knew and loved a natural Tenessee Walker and wish that they all could live like horses should... naturally!

10-03-2008 United States Supporter
herschel andrews jr [ ]

06-03-2008 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
David Lichman [ ] [ ]

Gaited Horses, Naturally!!

29-02-2008 United States Owner Supporter
kathy sadler [ ]

20-01-2008 Germany Trainer Owner Supporter
Mareike Jung [ ] [ ]

Ich besitze selber eine Tennessee Walker Stute namens Honor's Victory. Wir trainieren unseren Walk ganz ohne Gewichte oder so was und haben es trotzdem geschafft, dass sie nun einen 100%ig taktklaren Walk, Running Walk und Canter geht und im Gelände auch mit den trabenden Pferden mithält und wenn es dann doch mal zu schnell wird schalten wir einfach einen Gang hoch und traben ebenfalls, denn auch den Trab beherrscht sie taktklar und in dressurmäßiger Haltung.

Ich bin ehrer ein Freizeitreiter, jedoch auch daran interessiert, mein Pferd pferdefreundlich, also über den Rücken und viel vorwärts abwärts (auch im Walk) zu reiten und das alles mit einem Sidepull (nach Lind Tellington Jones) und Westernsattel, da sie eine absolute Abneigung gegen jegliche Gebisse, egal wie weich, hat und ich es natürlicher finde, mit einem Sidepull als mit einem Gebiss zu reiten.

Außerdem ist "Vicky" der einzige Walker in unserem gesamten Stall, der einen wunderschönen Jogg beherscht, denn sie bis nahe an unsere normale Schrittgeschwindigkeit gehen kann. Ein Allaroundtalent also.


09-01-2008 Denmark Supporter
Susan kanan [ ]

Would like to support naturalwalkinghorses because I feel I have to stand up for horses and I love to watch horses in their natural moving but don't like to see that some people mistreat them like in tennesse walking shows f.ex.

08-01-2008 United States Owner Supporter
Anne Stecher

03-01-2008 United States Owner Supporter
patti [ ]

11-12-2007 United States Supporter

08-12-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter

07-12-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Mike Stephens

03-12-2007 United States Owner Supporter

27-11-2007 Germany Supporter
Silke Kohlmetz [ ] [ ]

Als Hufheilpraktikerin bin ich gegen Hufmanipulationen, weil die Folgeschäden gravierende Auswirkungen  auf die  Gesundheit unserer Pferde haben. Genau wie beim Menschen hängt der gesamte Bewegungsappart damit zusammen. Daher unterstütze ich NWH von ganzem Herzen und wünsche mir mehr Reiter die Ihr Pferd nicht nur benutzen, sondern sich ein wenig mehr Gedanken über die Bedürfnisse Ihres Partners Pferd machen.

13-11-2007 Germany Owner Supporter
Adeline Schaad

12-11-2007 Germany Breeder Owner
Frau Doris Stephan [ ] [ ]

Bitte einen Aufkleber senden, ich bin TWHBEA-Mitglied und baue gerade mit 2 Gründungsstuten eine kleine Zucht auf! Grüße von Doris

P.S. Wohin sende ich den Frei-Umschlag?

07-11-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Lynn Bellus [ ] [ ]

I have posted on my website why people shouldn't be breeding to "Champions" if the champion got there by being padded, sored or chained. Then I go on to show my own horses, at freedom in their paddock, doing natural "big licks". It is my fervent hope that people need to stop supporting any Big Lick shows and take away the focus from the East Coast, where most of the Big Lickers are living. For years I have wanted a venue for my own horses here in California, but to no avail. Maybe we should be pressuring the individual states that support this kind of abuse....

07-11-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Mary Casey

07-11-2007 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Katharina Lehra [ ] [ ]

04-11-2007 United States Owner Supporter

04-11-2007 United States Supporter
ABe Torkelton [ ]

01-11-2007 United States Owner Supporter
cliff meredith [ ]

i'm a true believer

19-10-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Jacqueline Lawton [ ] [ ]

02-10-2007 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
mary sartori

02-10-2007 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Gabriele Watzlik

02-10-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Stephanie Cantrell [ ]

Well done! I'll rank you right up there wit FOSH!

02-10-2007 Germany Supporter
Jörg Pompl [ ]

I know the Horses from Caro and Roland!

 Support their work!

Good luck to you all! 

19-09-2007 Germany Supporter
Rosie Pelzer

Love these horses!

Keep on going to your goal! 

11-09-2007 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Leiser Yvonne [ ] [ ]

10-09-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Sarah Eye [ ] [ ]

I am a member of FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) with my grandmother here in the United States.  I read about you guys in the Walking Horse Journal and I definately support what you are doing.  We need all the help we can get to overcome the people who believe they need to sore their horses to have a good time.  Good luck!




04-09-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Karen Clark

Watch for the book, Making the Gait: Abuse and Corruption in the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry. I was at the Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee last Saturday watching Jennie Jackson showing her gorgeous flat-shod stallion, Champagne Watchout, in the World Grand Champion class in an arena full of Big Lick Walkers. It was heart breaking to hear the boos as she entered the ring to begin her courageous ride. Folks that care for horses, and understand what Big Lick Walkers have to endure to accomplish their distorted gait, applauded Jennie. Many in Tennesse live in ignorance or denial. A horse is simply a means to an end. As one sore-horse farrier said to me, "If a trainer asks me to chop off a horse's leg at the knee, I ask him, where's the ax?" The dark secrets of the sore-horse industry are about to be exposed to the world, and when they are, the Walking Horse will regain its rightful place as a premier breed - gentle, amiable, and easy-gaited.

30-08-2007 Trainer Supporter
Beth Stouffer [ ] [ ]

Promoting the TWH in Ireland

27-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Debbie Fair [ ]

26-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Elva Mico [ ]

I support the natural is beautiful TWH.

24-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Roy Vaninetti [ ]

24-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Janet Metz [ ]

Natural is beautiful!

19-08-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter

We have been committed from the beginning of our breeding program to breed the natural run walk back into our walkers the way we believe they originally were meant to be...square, smooth and easy going.  We have accomplished that.  Our foals run walk from the first hours after birth and the first time under saddle barefoot....We breed them primarily as a smooth pleasure horse trained naturally and humanely but they can also show well in flatshod.

14-08-2007 Germany Trainer Owner Supporter
Kohn Petra [ ]

Meine Pferde sind lediglich Beschlagen, weil sie sonst die langen und häufigen Ausritte ins Gelände, über Schotter und Teerstraßen irgendwann nicht mehr tolerieren. Sie haben Standarteisen die vom Hufschmied sehr gut angepaßt werden damit sie beim übertreten nicht hängen bleiben. Sie gehen dem Trainingslevel entsprechend einen klaren Viertakt.

13-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
JoLynn West [ ]

I am not totally familiar with the exact methods of training but have heard about "soring" ,weights, Iv'e see huge port and 10" shank bits.  We recently bought 2 lovely mares and I want to become more familiar with how I can enhance their gaiting in a normal and humane fashion.  We live in rocky, mountainous terrain.  Being somewhat new to horse ownership, I also have general questions as well.

13-08-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Bobbie Lieberman [ ] [ ]

12-08-2007 Belgium Owner Supporter

05-08-2007 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
McDonald Farms [ ] [ ]

Have been breeding natural gaited, barefoot horses for 30 years. Located in the beautiful Peace River Country of British Columbia, Canada.

04-08-2007 Germany Owner Supporter
Mareike Jung [ ]

Ich besitze eine 5-jährige Walkerstute, die im Freizeitstil geritten ist. Sie wurde von meinem Reitlehrer und mir zusammen ausgebildet und zeigt, ohne Nachhilfe durch irgendwelche tierschutzwidrige Hillfsmittel, einen klaren, sauberen und großen Walk. Ich finde, es ist Tierquälerei, die Pferde durch Manipulation so zu beinflussen, dass sie "schöner aussehen" und "besser gehen". Für mich sieht ein natürlich gerittener Walker immer tausendmal schöner aus, als einer, der durch Manipulation zu seinem Gang gezwungen wird!

03-08-2007 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Frauke Weitling

24-07-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Bobbie Lieberman [ ] [ ]

I ride endurance in the US on a TWH, Sport's Infatuated Gypsy. She was the #1 Walker in AERC last year with 535 endurance (50 miles and up) miles. This year she has notched over 400 miles and is stronger than ever. Her stablemate, the Spotted Saddle Horse Bubba G, has achieved nearly 3,000 miles in less than two years and is nationally ranked in several AERC divisions. Gaited horses are rapidly gaining in popularity for endurance in the US.

23-07-2007 United States Supporter
Rebecca Cottrell

23-07-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Anita Howe [ ] [ ]

Natural Horsemanship trainer for gaited horses.  My philosophy is to get rid of the mechanics and train your horse to find and carry his own gait.  He's been bred for it... it's there!

22-07-2007 Israël Breeder Owner Supporter

good job

22-07-2007 Denmark Supporter
Karina Olsen

20-07-2007 Denmark Supporter
Pernille T Christensen

20-07-2007 Germany Owner Supporter
Simone Grass- Möller [ ] [ ]

Schön das es euren Verein gibt der sich dafür einsetzt das der Walker als natürlich gehendes (und nicht gangmanipuliertes Pferd) seinen Siegeszug um die Welt macht. Denn ein Walker geht seine Gänge von Natur aus - wieso braucht er dann Pad´s und umgebogenen Eisen und überlange Hufe. Ein Walker ist in erster Linie ein Pferd wie jedes andere - es braucht artgerechte Haltung und pferdefreundliche Reitweise und möchte nicht ein Showpüppchen sein. schön das sich eurer Verein dafür einsetzt das dies so bleibt und in Zukunft viele Walker Besitzer so denken. Und schön das es in eurem Verein viele Leute gibt die auch den Part Walking Horses Besitzern freundlich und aufgeschlossen gegenüberstehen.

18-07-2007 Netherlands Owner Supporter
Mirjam Bous [ ]

The good way of walking the walkinghorse wil grow now!



18-07-2007 Denmark Owner Supporter
Lena Schmidt [ ]

17-07-2007 Belgium Supporter
jame jos [ ]

17-07-2007 Belgium Supporter
Bjorn Vootmans [ ]

Ik heb het ras leren kennen op de dierenhappening in Hasselt, en was er direct aan verkocht. Ik zelf heb geen paard om dat ik reuma heb. Maar als het ooit moet lukken om paard te rijden dan word het een Walking Horse

17-07-2007 Netherlands Supporter
Marlies Dewaide [ ] [ under construction ]

15-07-2007 Denmark Owner Supporter
Lykke Hansen [ ]

I think it's a great idea to make such a site, and I really hate the things people do to make their showhorses "better looking and better walking" (<- or not) - so of corse I want to be a part of it!

12-07-2007 Denmark Owner Supporter
Tanja Andersen [ ]

09-07-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Arnold Warmels [ ] [ ]

Great initative from my fellow European Walking Horse enthousiast to start this group and the ideals they have. As owners, trainers and exhibitors in the Versatility Divisions we work everyday to show the people in Shelbyville Tennessee that the Walking Horse is not just great in a railclass, but has much more to offer to horse lovers. Few breeds have a mind that can adept to a variety of training techniques and always try to please their owner.

Gotta Ride em, Gotta luv 'em!!

Ride Light, Arnold & Lisa Warmels

06-07-2007 Netherlands Owner Supporter
Monique Buursma

06-07-2007 United States Supporter
Sylvia Scott [ ] [ ]

Keep up the good work!

07-06-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Andrea Ohnstad [ ] [ ]

I am a strong supporter of sound, naturally gaited Walking Horses, and I am thrilled to see that these horses are being bred and promoted in Europe.  It is so difficult to find a naturally gaited Walking Horse that performs the true flat walk and running walk because of all the changes to the gaits by using harsh methods and heavy shoes.  The natural gait needs to be preserved, and it is very important that this preservation be realized all over the world.  I agree with all of your policies as they are the same at my home!

Thank you for all your hard work in preserving the natural Walking Horse.  Please know that if you ever need help in the U.S., you have a contact in Arizona that you can rely on in me!


Andrea Ohnstad, Silver Phoenix Ranch

28-05-2007 Germany Owner Supporter
Gerd Schmäling [ ]

Super! Join us you´ll love it!

04-05-2007 England Supporter
Molly Chamberlain

Fully supporting the goals of the European Natural Walking Horse Association - well done.

04-05-2007 England Owner Supporter
Paula Cox

01-05-2007 United States Owner Supporter
Nancy J White

Please let me know how to support the cause.  I cannot believe that people still torture their horses. 

20-03-2007 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Marsha Trinder [ ] [ ]

We breed, raise and train Tennessee Walking Horses in a beautiful valley in the Province of Manitoba, in Canada.  Our horses live in the great outdoors 24/7.  Foals are born and raised in large pastures, horses live in herds, and training is done based on natural horsemanship methods.

We appreciate and support very much your efforts.  Thank you. 


20-03-2007 United States Supporter
Thoma-Mayer [ ]

22-02-2007 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Linda Daigrepont [ ] [ ]

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  Thanks for all you do for these great horses.

04-02-2007 Germany Owner Supporter
Schmidt [ ]

01-02-2007 United States Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Stephanie Pennell [ ] [ ]

28-01-2007 France Owner Supporter
Urben Beat and Ruth [ ]

Seit 1995 halten wir unsere beiden geliebten Tennessee Walking Horse Wallache zusammen mit Rocky Mountain Horses im Offenstall, sie sind barfuss und werden gebisslos geritten.

22-01-2007 Switzerland Supporter
Sara Schärrer [ ]

11-01-2007 Canada Breeder Owner Supporter
Claudia Duncan [ ] [ ]

  • Hallo,ich finde es toll das man auch in Europa die Natural Gaited TWH's unterstuetzt.Ich zuechte TWH's im kleinen Stil,habe mich aber dem CRTWH registrierten TWH verschrieben da diese Registratur gegen die Praktiken der Amerikaner ist.2 meiner TWH's habe ich nach Europa verkauft.Ich spezialisiere mich mit unserem leasinghengst Topaz Merry Go auf champagnes insbesondere classic creams.Ich wuerde dieses tolle Logo gern auf meiner webpage haben wie auch einen link zu Ihrer page.Weiter so:)
  • Claudia Duncan

02-01-2007 Denmark Supporter
Susan and Jorgen Nielsen

We fully support the goal of your organisation.

21-12-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Carola Engelhard [ ]

09-12-2006 Belgium Supporter
Catherina Nuyens

Alle Tennessee Walkers zijn even prachtig en ze hebben een super karakter!

09-12-2006 Belgium Supporter
Magena Raykovitz

Tennessee Walking Horses are THE BEST !!

19-11-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Angela Stumpp [ ]

Tanzen und Reiten, das ist die gleiche verdammte Geschichte:  es geht um Vertrauen und Verständnis, man ist auf einander angewiesen.     Der Mann (Reiter) führt, aber er zerrt seine Dame (Pferd) nicht hinter sich her, er bietet sich ihr/ihm an, und sie/es spürt das und geht mit. Man bewegt sich in Harmonie und ihm wechselseitigen Rhythmus, man folgt einfach dem Gefühl.

18-11-2006 Germany Supporter
Jürgen Gloystein [ ]

I support the breeding of Natural Walking Horses, because I love the smooth and relaxed gaits of these horses.

Go on walking!!

Horseman Jürgen Gloystein

11-11-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Chantal Sieber

Ein Pferd soll wie ein Partner, nicht wie eine seelenlose Maschiene behandelt werden!Go for it... :-)

01-11-2006 Switzerland Supporter
Sandra Berger [ ] [ ]

thank you, for what you are doing.


01-11-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Regina Günther

31-10-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Nathalie Pigan [ ]

24-10-2006 Germany Supporter
Corinna Braje

16-10-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Barbara Merz [ ]

15-10-2006 Germany Supporter
Cornelia von Pentz

Welch ein Genuß,einen so entspannten und dermaßen fein ausgebildeten Walker zu reiten,wie ich es im Einführungskurs bei Josef Holstermann erlebt habe!!! Bleibt nur zu sagen: I support !

13-10-2006 Germany Supporter
Gunda und Jürgen Hofmann

13-10-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Nicole Hofmann

09-10-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Rafaela Eickenberg [ ]

06-10-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Caprez Roseline [ ]

05-10-2006 Netherlands Supporter

Ik ben paardenliefhebber ik heb nu een fries paard en een shetlander

02-10-2006 Germany Supporter
Sonja Wessels [ ]

30-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Ingeborg Knieper

30-09-2006 United States Owner Supporter
Juana Grover, President National Walking Horse Association [ ] [ ]

I applaud your efforts to support the Natural Walking Horse!
Juana Grover, President NWHA

29-09-2006 Belgium Owner Supporter
Gerda Tobback

27-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Alice Busch [ ] [ ]

27-09-2006 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter

27-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Heidi und Hergen Gramberg

26-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Iris Hagenow [ ]

26-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Iris Hagenow [ ]

26-09-2006 Germany Trainer Supporter
Familie Vierhaus [ ] [ ]

Auch wir befürworten das "Gangreiten" mit möglichst wenig "manipulativen " Mitteln , sondern unterstützen die Ausbildung durch :

1.Weiterbildung der reiterlichen Fähigkeiten

2. korrekten . aufbauenden Grundausbildung des "Gangpferdes" 

 das erhält unsere Pferde gesund :-) , ist schön anzuschauen und macht Spass. :-)

 Durch  manipulativen Einsatz  fällt es den Züchtern von Gangpferden schwer, das genetische Potentiel (die natürlichen vererbbaren Fähigkeiten eines Pferdes) herauszufinden und erschwert so den Erhalt und die Zuchte eines Gangpferdes mit natürlicher, lockerer Gangveranlagung!

Der Einsatz dieser Mittel hat auch in den USA dazu geführt, dass nur noch die sehr stark passveranlagten Pferde in den "Big Lick" Klassen gewinnen konnten und so zu einer "lateralisierung" in der Zucht geführt....wollen wir das hier auch so haben??

Ausserdem ist zu bedenken, dass das amerikanischen Verständniss von Tierschutz und das deutsche in vielen Dingen "auseinanderklaffen"....siehe "Westernreitsport", was z.b. dazu geführt hat, dass  u.a.die Westernreiter bei den Weltreiterspielen in Jerez de la Frontera  auf dem Abreiteplatz mehrfach angemahnt wurden und insgesamt ein schlechtes Bild  dieser Sportart entstand.....wollen wir das auch??

 Wir selber finden die Bilder aus den  mit Eisenspangen am Huf befestigten  Pad Klassen grotesk und abstoßend ....das geht nach unsrer Erfahrung den meisten Leuten hier so, die dies sehen.

 Wir  bitten auch noch  zu bedenken: Solange wir hier noch  die Logos der stark manipulierten Walker Amerikas verwenden, wird schnell Frust bei den Besitzern  von Walkern entstehen, denn es ist einem natürlich beschlagenen und gearbeiteten Pferd nicht möglich, mit solche einer Aktion und so auf der Hinterhand  gesetzt zu laufen, wie dort gezeigt wird! Also, in dem Fall, ändert eure Logos!und zeigt natürlich gehende Walker!!!!!!!

Ellen und Stephan Vierhaus

25-09-2006 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Antje Elzer [ ] [ ]

24-09-2006 Switzerland Supporter
Ida Elisabeth Hoehn

24-09-2006 Germany Supporter

24-09-2006 Switzerland Owner
Andrea Teschner [ ]

22-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Diana Wallbott [ ]

19-09-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Rahel Achermann [ ]

18-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Claudia Schulken [ ]

18-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Gabi Teichmann [ ]

18-09-2006 Switzerland Trainer Supporter
Senn Erika [ ] [ ]

Das Ziel jeder Ausbildung im Pferdesport ist die grösstmögliche Harmonie zwischen Mensch und Pferd.

18-09-2006 Switzerland Supporter
Sandra Berger [ ] [ ]

Als Telepathische Tierkomminikatorin und Patin einiger hervorragender TWH, bin ich sehr glücklich, dass es eine Vereinigung wie die Eure gibt, die die Natürlichkeit und die Veranlagungen des TWH schützt, fördert und unterstützt.Herzlichen Dank S. Berger 

18-09-2006 Canada Owner Supporter
Dianne Little [ ]

I bought my first TWH in 1981.  I support the Pleasure TWH and have worked with The Canadain Registry of the TWH to keep "Big Lick" TWH Show Horses out of Canada.  I am Treasurer of CRTWH, Vice President of FOSH and Director of Judges for the Independent Judges Association.  I support your goals and offer assistance in any way you may wish.

15-09-2006 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Keith Oberle [ ] [ ]

The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse was started over 20 years ago to fight the abuse carried out in Tennessee.  By registering our own horses, we are not sending money to TWHBEA to support abuse.  Check out our "performance testing" program at  Click on Program For Excellence.

15-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Jessica Nirschl [ ]

14-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Walter G Heise [ ]

13-09-2006 Netherlands Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Maryan Zyderveld [ ] [ ]

Riding various "gaits without aids" since over 25 years now, and quite addicted to TWH's since more than 20 years, one of my reasons to support Natural Walking Horses is that the referred to artificial aids do not inherit, and we need to breed for a natural and strong four beat gait, with walking horses as well as with racking horses.

12-09-2006 Netherlands Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Gerrit Band [ ] [ ]

12-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Kristian Vogelberg [ ] [ ]

11-09-2006 Germany Trainer Supporter
Sebastian Kindermann [ ] [ ]

I started training Tennessee Walking Horses in December 2005 for the European Championships 2006. All 4 horses did very well at the championships. As a professional Westernhorse trainer and rider, i am excited and surprised, what those gaited horses are able to do by some natural training and gymnastics and at least a good horsemanship. Those smart horses can do all things that a westernhorses can do – but a lot more comfortable. Don´t waste their abilities and confidence by using mean methods!

11-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Peter & Corinne Freesemann [ ]

11-09-2006 Germany Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
Stefanie Dudeck [ ] [ ]

We breed, ride and train natural walking horses since more than 10 years now and we really support this goal to give best to our horses. Go ahead  with this !!!


10-09-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Deiss Silvia [ ]

10-09-2006 Belgium Breeder Owner Supporter
Van den Bosch Heidi

10-09-2006 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Herbert & Lisa Pieper [ ]

Ziel muss sein alles was das Deutsche Tierschutzgesetzt nicht erlaubt zu verhindern zum Wohl unserer TWH.

10-09-2006 Germany Breeder Owner Supporter
Günther & Heide Dold

09-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Michael Rolshausen

09-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Julia Meis [ ]

09-09-2006 Germany Owner
Jens Findeisen & Insa Reuss

09-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Kai & Dagmar Kramer [ ]

09-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Nane Goschau

09-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Stoffel, Andrea

09-09-2006 Netherlands Owner Supporter
Mariska Hoogesteger [ ]

09-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Lehmann, Bettina [ ]

09-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Angela Hassinger [ ]

09-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Anne Dittrich

09-09-2006 Switzerland Supporter
Heribert Waeber

09-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Ulla Kornienko

09-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Waltraud Dahmen

09-09-2006 Netherlands Supporter
Fred Bakker [ ]

08-09-2006 Switzerland Breeder Owner Supporter
Käthy Wyss [ ]

08-09-2006 Belgium Owner Supporter
Isabelle Henderickx [ ]

08-09-2006 United States Trainer Owner Supporter
Allanna Lea Jackson [ ]

07-09-2006 Belgium Supporter
Kris Marneffe [ ] [ ]

07-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Astrid Stracke

07-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Barbara und Berend Grotzeck [ ] [ ]

as owners of two walking horses (TWH and SSH), we shall represent and support the goals of this community

07-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Judith Engelke [ ] [ ]

Sehr großes Lob an alle, die diese Seite mitbearbeitet und gestaltet haben. Es freut mich, dass endlich mal das TWH aktiv wegen seinem natürlichem Gang gefördert wird. Macht weiter so !!! =)

Liebe Grüße Judith

07-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
schäfer inez [ ]

07-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Christine Kröger [ ]

Ich besitze einen Walkaloosa.

07-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Frank Muelder [ ] [ ]

06-09-2006 Austria Owner Supporter
waltraud linnenbecker [ ] [ ]


I work since more than forty years with horses and since a week with Go Go Boy, a tennessee walking horse and he is marvellous.


06-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Christiane Kaminski

06-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Peter Haupt-Cramer [ ] [ ]

06-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Uschi vom Hove [ ]

06-09-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Schlegel Susanne [ ]

Happy to hear that somting is going on!

06-09-2006 Switzerland Owner Supporter
Roger Schlegel [ ]

Keep on naturaly walking!!!

06-09-2006 Denmark Owner Supporter
Lotte Scott [ ]

06-09-2006 Italy Breeder Owner Supporter
Angelo Guerci [ ]

I'm happy about this fantastic idea!

I will support this from here in Italy!

06-09-2006 Switzerland Breeder Owner Supporter
Kunz Claudia [ ]

06-09-2006 Germany Owner Supporter
Barbara, Hans & Florian Knist [ ]

From the bottom of our hearts we´ll support this great horses!

06-09-2006 Netherlands Breeder Owner Supporter
Elly van Loevezijn-van Zanten

06-09-2006 Netherlands Supporter
Mirjam Diepenbrock [ ] [ ]

The love of nature starts by respecting nature. Go for it!


06-09-2006 Belgium Supporter

06-09-2006 United States Breeder Owner Supporter
Northern Foundations Farm [ ] [ ]

I'm happy to see European breeders taking this path. I don't want to see your Walking Horse businesses go the same way they have in the United States with pads and chains. Keep it natural!

05-09-2006 Germany Supporter

I love natural walking horses. What´s more to say?

05-09-2006 Germany Supporter
Maria [ ]

I support it, because I know what Walker can do without being manipulated!

05-09-2006 United States Trainer Supporter
joey kay

Yeah walkers.........

05-09-2006 Canada Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
ullu zurbriggen [ ] [ ]

05-09-2006 United States Supporter
David Kaden [ ]

" As a manufacturer of saddles for gaited horses, I have seen all aspects of  abuse,especially to TWHs.I am so glad to see the expansion of a movement which supports the development of the natural movement of the horse, which in itself, is a thing of beauty.''
Good Luck
David Kaden

05-09-2006 Germany Breeder Trainer Owner Supporter
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